3rd International Biennial of Student Design


1. Participants of the competition:

The competition is open to students and fresh graduates of design and related fields. Only works that were created during a study period at university or higher professional school can be sent to the competition. Entries must not be older than three years. The author is or was a student and his work was created during his study of design or a related field. (This does not have to be school work)

2. The focus of the work and exhibited works:

The common theme is product design in general, in its various forms. Therefore it is possible to send projects from various industrial sectors, such as:

Professional jury will select works for exhibition and for next round of the competition from applying digital previews. In the first round digital previews (photos, visualizations, posters) should be sent via e -mail / application form together with the application. At the exhibition of DESIGN.S, which will be held at Technical Museum in Brno from 25th June – 16th September 2018, works will be exhibited in the following forms:

Competitive works, that will be exhibited, will be chosen from digital previews, in the process the jury may prefer spatial exhibits to printed posters. Selected visualizations and design posters will be print by organizer at his own expense, to maintain unified quality and format of exhibited works (assumed format of posters will be A1 size or B1; portrait). Spatial models bigger than 1m will be exhibited only on basis of prior consultation with the organizer. Competition entries must be labeled with caption containing: authors name and surname, name of school and field of study, year of origin, title and a brief description of the work. The content of the work (works) is mainly understood as dimensions in the height x length x width format, whether it is a prototype, a 3D model* or just a poster.

3. Application:

Registration and more information are available at www.design-s.eu. Registration and work exhibition are not charged. Application is valid only after receiving of a fulfilled registration form and registered works (authors woks) in form of digital previews. Applications together with digital previews can be send up to 16th March 2018 to prihlasky@design-s.eu or via registration form. After acceptance of the application author will receive a confirmation e-mail. Each participant can register 5 projects maximum. Please, state also your name, institution and contact to guarantor – teacher, supervisor, representative of the studio or employer, mentor, under whose supervision the work was created or which is able to deal about a hire of your work. It is inadmissible to pick up the exponate before the end of the exhibition in the Technical Museum in Brno.

4. Delivery of exhibits:

Each exhibit must be completed with an identification label (name of the author, attended school, year of origin and the description of work). Authors will be informed about collection of selected pieces (3D models and prototypes) during April. Graphic posters and visualizations will be sent via electronic repository. The collection of exhibited works will be provided by organizer of the exhibition.

5. Dates:

Applications together with digital previews can be sent via electronic form or e-mail address prihlasky@design-s.eu by 16th March 2016. During the month of April applying authors will be contacted by the organization team. Works selected for the exhibition will be collected during May and June. DESIGN.S exhibition will be held at Technical Museum in Brno from 25th June – 16th September 2018. The exhibition opening will take place on 25th June 2018.

6. Returning of exhibits:

Returning of exhibits is paid by participant. Received works will not be returned nor insured, if the author will not pay the associated costs in advance. Authors can take their works up personally from the organizer of the exhibition at Technical Museum in Brno, Purkyňova 105, 612 00 Brno, in the first term 17th September – 30th September 2018. Unclaimed exhibits and other selected works will be included in the collections of Technical Museum in Brno after the exhibition. Participating authors will receive a certificate of participation in the competition after the exhibition. The best works will be awarded by an expert jury.

7. Promotion catalog:

Application for participation in the exhibition entitles organizer to use free received documentation or take photo-reproduction or video of exhibits for the catalog, promotion or cultural and educational activities.

8. Legal agreement:

By registration for the competition competitor confirms that he is familiar with the rules of the competition, agrees with them and agrees to abide by them. Competitors are required to create his competition work (works) personally, individually and refrain from any interference with the rights of third parties, especially in the copyrights and other intellectual property rights.

The competition can be entered only by those works, where the competitor personally owns all rights. The competitor is also explicitly aware of the fact that the competition work (protected work) can be used by announcer and organizer of the competition without entitlement to remuneration for the purposes of exhibition, news and advertising, and by all manners of use for all countries of the world, without time limit, or competition work may be conveyed by the organizer and used for the same purposes by a third party. Competitor grants an exclusivity to the promoter and organizer in the presentation of competition work for the duration of the current year (until 31st December 2018). By agreement mentioned above competitor acknowledges that any use of competitive work (works) by competitor or third party, as well as granting or transferring of use rights to a third party at the time of the competition is forbidden and in conflict with the interests of the organizers of the competition. In case of shortlisting of the competition work (works), as the competitor will be promptly informed by e-mail, competitor agrees to refrain from using and transferring of rights without the prior consent of the organizer for the following 6 months (until 31st October 2018). For all the rules of participation, competition conditions, contractual arrangements and authorization the applicable law of the Czech Republic is used. All interested persons are obliged to proceed in resolving any disputes relating to the competition by settlement with the participation of the competition organizer. The authorities responsible for resolving any disputes that can not be settled amicably with the help of the organizer are the general courts of the Czech Republic.

* 3D model means a plastic physical model (usually made from a different material than the one in the design) that can be displayed at the exhibition, not a 3D model in digital form.



The event takes place in 2018 with the financial support of the Statutory City of Brno under the auspices of the Governor of the South Moravian Region, JUDr. Bohumil Šimek, and the Mayor of the Statutory City of Brno, Ing. Petr Vokřál.


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